UMBC Merger

UMBC Training Centers Announces Merger with /training/etc Inc.

BALTIMORE (July 14, 2015) - UMBC Training Centers, the mid-Atlantic's premier provider of technical, engineering and professional skills training, has announced a merger with /training/etc Inc., a leader in the design, development and delivery of content-rich Open Source technology training.

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Hortonworks Highlight - Hortonworks HDP Analyst: Data Science

Data Science for the Hortonworks Data Platform covers data science principles and techniques through lecture and hands-on experience. During this three-day course, students learn the processes and practice of data science, including machine learning and natural language processing. Students will learn the tools and programming languages used by data scientists, including Python, IPython, Mahout, Pig, NumPy, pandas, SciPy, Scikit-learn, the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), and Spark MLlib.

Live Class Dates - 9/8, 11/23

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UMBC Leadership

Leadership Development - Powering Organizations By Empowering Leaders

We develop custom training programs based on the needs of our clients. We focus on your needs through a revolutionary lens - empowering leaders, igniting innovation, facilitating communication, and developing business skills.

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GeekSpeak - Hadoop Articles Written by our Hadoop Instructors

Our authors translate technical jargon into easy to read, informational articles about relevant Hadoop topics. Read about Hadoop, DataFu, Hive, Tez, YARN, and Pig.

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