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NEW COURSE Scheduled on 10/27, 12/1, & 2/2 - Python for Network Engineers

A popular notion in the Network Engineering world is SDN (Software-Defined Networking), which means that more functions on the network will use a programming language to get jobs done. Python is the leading contender for SDN. Network Engineers possess a set of tools to do their jobs effectively, and now there is a movement for them to add a programming language to their arsenal of tools.

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GeekSpeak - RHEL7 and systemd

By now you've heard the hype about systemd.  It'll speed up your boot time because it can start processes in parallel.  It'll handle more than just starting daemon processes, and it's highly configurable.  It'll poise your OS for future advancements.  It's all true, and this is NOT an article intended to swim against the tide.  Conversely, this is an article encouraging you to embrace the change, while offering a few nuggets of information to help get you started.

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The World is Adopting Scrum. Are You?  

Scrum is one of the most popular Agile methodologies. It is an adaptive, iterative, fast, flexible, and effective methodology designed to deliver significant value quickly and throughout a project. Scrum ensures transparency in communication and creates an environment of collective accountability and continuous progress. You can become Scrum Master, Scrum Developer, or Scrum Product Owner certified through one of our instructor-led classes currently scheduled! 

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Hadoop Yarn

YARN is a large-scale, distributed operating system for big data applications, and it greatly enhances the power of a Hadoop compute cluster through scalability, compatibility with MapReduce, improved cluster utilization, and agility. Need YARN training? /training/etc's 2-day Developing Custom YARN Applications course teaches students how to develop custom YARN applications for Apache Hadoop. We are an integral member of the Hortonworks University Education team, bringing authorized Hortonworks Hadoop training to you. We are the ONLY provider of instructor-led classroom public Hortonworks Hadoop training available in North America.

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