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This tab provides a functionality to compare Kentico CMS accounts with company profiles. Before using this tab, the integration module has to be configured. More detailed information on how to configure the module can be found in Online Marketing Guide -> Integration of 3rd party modules ->


Searching for accounts


Once you open the tab, a query is made on the server for information about the account you chose to edit. The several possible results of such a query are described in the following text.


A match is found


Attributes that are identical have their checkbox values turned off by default.

Attributes that are not identical or missing in the Kentico CMS account - compared to the company profile - have their checkbox values turned on by default. Once you press the Save (Save) button, these values will be reflected in the Kentico CMS account.


Too many matches are found


In such a case, pressing the Search (Search) button opens a dialog box in which you can see the attributes based on which the search was made, together with the results.


You can either revise the filtering criteria or pick from the company profiles listed below. Once you have found the profile you were looking for, press the Select (Next) button. More specific information about the account appear.


No match is found


In such a case, you can use the Search (Search) button to specify some of the attributes (if any of them were not filled in when the search was made). The attributes in the search dialog box are empty if no match was found.